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How to restore JPEG image files erased from SD card on Mac?

The digital camera has become a commonplace. But, with digital images, it is only a part of the equation. When you capture your photos using a digital camera, you never have to waste your time or pay anything for photo processing. You will get instant results. You can view your photos just after you shoot them and also you can retouch, enhance and print out the greeting cards using your home computer. Since every digital camera saves images as JPEG files and photo gallery handles these formats beautifully, JPEG is the most popular file format for photos. Even though a JPEG photo is compressed to occupy lots of memory card storage space, the visual quality is still very high. Once you have taken photos, you need a memory card to store those digital photos and card reader or USB cable to transfer and import, edit, organize and share your photos. SD cards are commonly used in digital cameras as it provides protection switch to protect your data against data loss and also they are removable, reusable and durable.

The main problem when you try to do all these cool stuff is, you find yourself dumping in a sea by accidentally deleting the wrong photos. Assume that you are using a Nikon Coolpix digital camera to capture photos of your trip. After returning from a trip, you want to transfer them to your Mac computer. In order to transfer those JPEG photos, you will remove your SD card that has been used in Nikon Coolpix camera to store photos of your trip and insert it into a card reader. After that, you will connect your card reader to Mac and start viewing those pictures to refresh the pleasant time that you have enjoyed with your friends. While viewing the contents of an SD card, you will notice that there are some old pictures that were already uploaded to your Mac. So, you start deleting those images to free up the storage space. All of a sudden, you come to know that the recent photos of your trip are also getting deleted. By the time you try to cancel the deletion process, most of your images are vanished!!!! Sometimes, you may accidentally format the SD card instead of performing some other task resulting in loss of images.

Don’t Worry!!! Mac File Recovery Software is here to help you out in recovering JPEG photos erased from SD card on Mac system with utmost ease. This software can also easily restore JPEG photos from accidentally formatted SD cards. If you have accidentally erased some presentation files from external hard drive on Mac then they do not move to Trash resulting in a loss of files.  In such case, you can use this software to recover PPT files erased from Mac external hard drives. Even if you have accidentally emptied the Trash after moving files to it then also there is a chance of recovering such files. This software is designed with advanced algorithms to thoroughly scan and retrieve data from accidentally emptied Trash on Mac Lion, Leopard and Snow Leopard. If you have accidentally deleted some essential documents from your MacBook Pro then also you can use this software. It has the ability to unerase documents from MacBook Pro and also supports Mac Mini and MacBook Air.

iTunes library is generally found in iPod devices and is popular among music lovers. But sometimes some of your favorite songs may get deleted from the library. There is nothing to worry, as you can recover deleted songs from iTunes by using this software. Music files that are restored can be sorted with respect to their file name, creation date, size and time.

Quick steps to recover JPEG photos deleted from SD card

Step1: Download and Launch the Mac File Recovery Software to recover photos from SD card. Select “Recover Photos” option from the main screen and then select “Recover Deleted Photos” option to recover accidentally erased JPEG photos from SD card on Mac.

Mac Deleted File Recovery Software - Main Screen

Step 2: Now, select the SD card and click on “Next” option. As you click on “Next” option, the software starts scanning the SD card to recover deleted photos.

File Recovery Software on Mac - Next Screen

Step 3: Once the photo recovery process is finished successfully, you can preview the recovered JPEG images by using “preview” option.

Mac data Recovery Tool - Preview Screen

Valuable Tips to protect your photos

  • Take backup of important photos and recheck while deleting any folder of images to ensure that they are not worth to you.
  • Do not format the card until you take backup as formatting deletes each and every file stored on your memory card
  • Do not abruptly remove your memory card instead, use “Safely Remove Hardware” icon to disconnect it properly.

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users