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Deleted Excel File Recovery

MS Excel helps in a great manner specially for working people who do large calculations on daily basis. It is not an easy job to complete whole excel report, it takes time. And after giving so much effort to create it if you lose this by simple mistake done by you then there is nothing frustrating then this. Tensed? Relax!!! Don’t be upset!!! There is a way to get all deleted excel files back on Mac OS and the perfect solution to this is usage of reliable recovery software.

Let us consider a situation, when you were preparing report of finance record in excel sheet on Mac. All of a sudden power failure occurs. When you turned on your Mac machine you were unable to find the excel sheet. You were searching all over your system but you cannot find them. You must be worrying what to do as tomorrow is the last date for submission of your report. So what to do now? How to find deleted excel files?

Recovery of file is possible because when you delete a file by mistake or even you empty the Recycle Bin then the file is present in some part of Mac machine. It is just marked as deleted so that you can add new files, but saving new files will lead to permanent data loss as it will overwrite it. Not only files, you can also recover deleted folder by using best recovery software.

Some facts that are responsible for excel file deletion from Mac are:

  • Unintentional deletion or deletion of files by mistake from external HDD when connected to Mac machine leads to removal of file from the system as it bypasses Recycle Bin.

  • Formatting the wrong Mac hard disk by mistake instead of formatting the other one also leads to complete removal of excel files from it along with other files.

  • If you stop the process of moving the file from one location to another or copying the file from external storage device abruptly then also it may lead to loss of excel files

  • Using ‘Cut + Paste’  option while transferring excel files from Mac machine to USB drive and if you disconnect the drive abruptly  before completion of the transfer process it may lead to loss of those files.

  • Infectious virus or malware attack deletes directory structure of the file as a result of which you may end up with loss of files from Mac.

Any computer users get the sickening feeling when your important excel files gets deleted. But by using Mac deleted file recovery which has been designed by professional experts can be used to find all missing files after accidental deletion or any other reasons. You can even use this application to bring back lost files from emptied Trash on Mac OS X Lion & to know the recovery procedure click here>>

With the help of Mac deleted file recovery you can get back excel files whether in .xls or .xslx formats no matter whatever be the reasons for deletion might be. You can even find deleted PPT files from external HDD on Mac OS. To gather additional info go to http://www.macdeletedfilerecovery.com/how-to-retrieve-ppt-files-deleted-from-external-drive-on-mac.html and know about PPT file recovery on Mac.

Follow the simple steps to recover excel files:

Step1: From the main screen, select “Recover Files” option and then select “Recover Deleted Files” option to get back deleted excel files from Mac computer.

How to Find Deleted Excel Files - Main Windows

Fig A: Main Windows

Step 2: Now, choose the Mac volume & then click on “Next” option to start scanning process.

How to Find Deleted Excel Files - Select Drive

Fig B: Select Drive

Step 3: Once the recovery process is over, preview the restored excel files using "Preview" option

How to Find Deleted Excel Files - Preview of Recovered Documents

Fig C: Preview of Recovered Documents


For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users